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Introduction to Python

Even though there are several programming languages available for Data Science (R, Julia, Scala, Java, MATLAB…), Python has established itself as the main choice due to its simplicity, availability of libraries, and support from the developer community, among other reasons. In this course, we will cover the main features of Python, its syntax, data types, […]

Python scientific stack

In this course, we will learn about the NumPy library and its multidimensional array, the Pandas library and the structures it offers (Series and DataFrame), and how to efficiently plot data using the Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries, which will be especially useful for both exploratory analysis and communication of results. Course content NumPy Introduction to NumPy The multidimensional array Indexing and selection Array […]

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Machine learning algorithms analyze data sets to identify patterns that allow them to make accurate predictions or classifications. The course Introduction to Machine Learning will cover the concept of algorithms, as well as their types and main applications, reviewing the most used algorithms among the great variety of existing ones. In order to attend this […]