Power BI Advanced Tools

To scale our work to the next level of quality in the Power BI environment we need to master advanced tools such as M language, DAX language, data modeling, or usability of navigation reports. All these topics will be covered in this course dedicated to Power BI’s advanced tools.

Course content:

Query editor

  • Use of parameters
  • The M language structure
  • The advanced editor
  • M language application examples
  • Custom columns
  • Data quality and distribution
  • Data specification

Report editor

  • Data model management
  • Predictive analytics tools
    • Regression
    • Clustering
  • Visual AI objects
  • Visual script objects
  • Performance analyzer
  • Calendars


  • Colors
  • Types of visual objects
  • Dimensions vs. Metrics
  • Data vs. Context
  • Mistakes to avoid when using graphics
  • Managing navigation between pages
  • Advanced use of bookmarks
  • User help
  • Actions

Data connection

  • Data import
  • Direct Query
  • Live connection


  • Row-level security (RLS)
  • Object-level security (OLS)
  • Security Profiles


  • The concept of Context
    • Filter context
    • Row context
    • Context transition
    • Context modification
  • Iterative functions
  • Time intelligence functions
  • Aggregation functions
  • DAX application examples

Duration: 15-20 hours