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Conducting high-level research is a major challenge. The chances of success of a research project are often compromised by methodological and statistical issues. Materializing ideas into research hypotheses, collecting data, and using them to estimate models that shed light on the research question is an arduous task.

Although we have experience in descriptive and predictive analysis, as well as in the most commonly used techniques (linear and non-linear regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis), we are experts in survey methods, design of Stated Choice Experiments and estimation of Discrete Choice Models.

We can assist you in the design of your experiment, organize the data collection, process the data, and then carry out the estimation of the necessary models so that you can transmit your results in a reliable and formal way.


Research project consulting

We will help you materialize your research ideas into a feasible project that you can carry out.

Statistical sampling design

Based on the needs of your project, we can make the sample design you need for your study.

Questionnaire development

Building a questionnaire goes beyond listing questions. Screening, quotas, dynamic branching, validation, and internal logic are advanced features difficult to deal with without significant experience.

Data collection

We work with suppliers who can provide any sample in locations around the world.

Data processing and analysis

We will collect the raw data, organize and clean it, weight it, and make it ready to feed to any model. We can also conduct a full descriptive analysis to complement your sample description.

Full, customized research reports

Reporting results is as important as obtaining them. We can help you convey your research results in a clear and concise manner.


We are expert researchers.

Your research project will be supervised by lecturers of statistics that have a consistent publishing career. Also, thanks to our professional experience, we know the publication processes of academia and the reporting processes of the business world and the public sector.

Your Data Science Team.

Let’s work together.

Our Data Science experts support you in your project.