BAII Consulting

The path to becoming a data-driven organization is a major challenge. We advise you on the planning and implementation of your Data Science, Analytics, and Big Data projects and help you to fully exploit the potential of your data.

Furthermore, the development of models from Machine Learning and Statistics often form the methodological core of Data Science projects.

The development of such models and algorithms is often a great challenge, which on the one hand requires many years of experience and knowledge from comparable projects and questions and on the other hand requires the handling of programming languages such as R and Python. In addition, empirical values play an important role in the selection as well as the tuning of the models.

Our experts advise you on both the development and implementation of your Data Science strategy and the development of correct models.

  • We support you in the selection of software and tools, and the development of use cases and projects.
  • We also assist you in developing models to improve your products, processes, and services.
  • We develop the necessary statistical and machine learning models for solving your data science problems in R or Python, and evaluate their predictive quality.

Our aim is to put you in a position to make the most of the potential of your data.


Data Audit

Together with you, we assess your data inventory and identify potentials and opportunities.

Data Engineering

We consolidate and prepare your data sources and ensure optimal usability for modeling.

Machine Learning

Design, development, and evaluation of Machine Learning and AI models by our experts.

Data Ideation

We identify data science applications that you can implement with your data.


Statistical analysis and development of models to test hypotheses and questions.

Model Deployment

Implementation of Machine Learning models in existing infrastructures and processes.

Use Case Development

Based on your internal and external data, we develop use cases and analytics potentials with you.

R / Python Coding

We develop and implement Machine Learning and AI models for you in R and Python.

Predictive Analytics

We develop predictive models to forecast KPIs, customer behavior, and other issues.


Data Science consulting for companies.

We advise your company on the planning and implementation of your Data Science, Analytics, and Big Data strategies and projects. We develop models from statistics, machine learning, and AI for our customers to improve products, services, and processes.

The development of a meaningful Data Science strategy depends on many company-specific factors that often lead to uncertainties, especially in the early stages of maturity. Take advantage of our experience and best practices from other successfully implemented projects in the development of your personal Data Science strategy and its value-adding implementation. Based on state-of-the-art open-source tools such as R, Python, TensorFlow, or H2O, we develop and test Machine Learning and AI models together with you for data-driven solutions to your challenges.

Data Science project experience

We have gained expertise in Data Science projects for international clients over the past years.

Methods Expertise

We have a ready Data Science method and technology know-how, which we use profitably for you.


We use suitable state-of-the-art software such as R or Python for your project and no expensive software licenses.

Years of experience

We have been developing statistical models and machine learning algorithms for our customers for years.

Your Data Science Team.

Let’s work together.

Our Data Science experts support you in your project.